Wellness Services

Your health matters. We are here to help you not only improve your health but to also stay healthy. Everyday, you make many small decisions that impact how well you live: the type and amount of food you eat, your physical activity, the safety measures that you take and your surroundings. Join us on the journey of making the healthiest possible decisions.

WellSpan Wellness Services website updates

On Dec. 2, 2019, the login process for the WellSpan Wellness Services website will change. On this date users must log in with the same user name and password they use for their MyWellSpan patient portal account. Individuals who have not already signed up for a MyWellSpan account will need to register at my.wellspan.org. This is the first step of an overall plan to offer an enhanced and personalized Wellness portal for you - including a redesigned landing page. We also look forward to the increased convenience and other advantages that aligning MyWellSpan and our Wellness platform will have for you over time.